Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today I finally went and did my 4 mith dragon task. First I had to fish a bunch of sharks so I could overpack with food. It turned out I didn't even need to tap into my Shelley! I almost didn't have enough pray pots but I managed to do my 4 plus one for luck with just 2.5. Afterwards I went to go visit Kayla because she finally got the mime event and got the faint emote!!

Owww our heads collided! XD

We then accidentally synched the Ajjat cape emote so I did it again for one SWEET pic!!


I now have 50-some black dragons. Ugh... Ranged... Oh well I am actually stocked up this time! Instead of doing it, I got feathers for my bolts that I made and sold em and bought mithril bars. I then made 12 mithril sets and went to freeplay and dropped them in the drop party. It was so un crowded compared to the mems world! I went back and got some random crap in my bank to put in too and was feeling rather generous so I put in a ton of uncut emeralds. Hopefully I made someones day!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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