Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Mackenzie is Here At Last!!!

The title says it all! Today was a day at least a year and a half in the making. I finally achieved a huge dream that I have been writing about almost as long as I've blogged. It all started this afternoon with the realization that, oh my gosh, I have 90 con! That means I only need a +5 boost with a stew and I could get 95 and pay the 10m ransom to bring Mackenzie into his room! I've been saving orange spice for this occasion for a long time so I grabbed all the stews and spice I had and headed for my house. I was able to invite Arnleg Endol in and sip some tea for a 91 con effigy and help him do one of his 91 farming ones and after he had sufficiently explored my house I turned on building mode and went downstairs.

First stew, nothing. Second stew lowered me by 5. Good thing I still had tea on hand and drank back up to baseline. That third stew though, I saw that 95/90 and I scrambled so fast to select steel dragon! A couple clicks later and he was mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Eeeeee! He's so tiny and cute! I can't wait to show him off to my friends at parties!!!!!

Other than that I spent my day doing random things like farming herbs, making potions, doing a floor with Cossack and Nezantra, doing an evil oak, mining a Frem Kelda star in listening silence, catching my first zombie imp with a hunter pot, and making cheese as the highlights. I dunno what was in the air, but I was capturing funny after funny. Enjoy!

Nez hates bugs of any kind. Nuff said. XD

On this one, Yana and I literally posted our lines about The Game at the exact same time. We were on separate worlds with totally separate losings. Now that I have made you lose the game, realize that I said it because of the one like of public text. That Yana is something else! We're on the same radio frequency!

Next, thanks to the novelty of my wolf mask and therefore me wearing it everywhere, I was cracking wolf-related jokes all day!

I cracked a lame joke but I thought it was funny...

Of course, when Fray is mentioned, no doubt Frey and then Jeffrey will come up. XD

I'm in 4H with this creative outfit!

Look out Fred, a WOLF is using your churn!

Finally, if you managed not to lose The Game earlier, you now just lost it:

Haha Zach you so clever!@

Well it's a school night technically so I must depart for bed. I can't wait for future adventures!

PS, Tanya, you rock, and you know why! wubwub

Until next time...


  1. requesting invite to meet Mackenzie...pretty please

  2. Love you Piepie <33333
    Lol @ the Zach screenie, haha.