Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sixth Cape

I've been going hard at Pest Control since Saturday in hopes of chopping off a huge amount of the 600k or so XP I had to 99 Hitpoints. After a couple hundred points in the novice boat (really fast games) I realized that this would be a great time to pull out my new crystal bow! Anything that has ammo that doesn't make a mess is perfect with me!

I've already had to recharge it once and it got to 5/10 again before I went and paid half to recharge it again. Such an expensive little bow but before long it'll be pocket change to charge it up. I love it!

I mainly got out the bow because I was 9k to a range level but I ended up using it wayyy beyond getting 83 Ranged!

My outfit was pretty pro too! Heraldic cape, flippers, dhide, green chompy hat, gnome ammy. I kill things in style!

Pro Pwnage!

I met a new friend there named NineOneFive and we had a lot of fun being silly in PC games. Today, I decided to try out the thing where someone stands and says "trade for 120+" and when I got to whatever world they handed out it was actually really good! The veteran boat games are just as fast and although there are more bumps along the way the points roll in way faster. With this news I realized 99 Hitpoints was tangible TODAY...

After spending 4 days at Pest Control and 708 Pest Points later...

99 Hitpoints joins my list of 99's! I also got 133 combat! Woooot!

Pretty ironic I got the heart cape on Valentine's Day. I totally didn't plan it that way!

Thanks to the three peeps from Canting who went! I believe they were Jake Adex, Jack Li, and MAD_MANKAY. My dad was also there but I pulled him away from Valentine's dinner to kill him for 99 but he went AFK before I leveled so when I killed him he just sat around so I started throwing my blade around and I'm not sure who I actually killed for it. XD I was in a huge hurry and wasn't as attentive as I shoulda been, as I was leaving for dinner with my fiance right after that. I got my cape alone and after I emoted I promptly took it off. :L

Woot! I think I'll call this cape my Ironic Cape forever!

Until Next Time...

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