Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Molly Makeover

Today, though I wasn't fully ready, I realized now was as good of a time as ever to change up my outfit again. I've wanted a cape in these colors for a long time and finally made it work!

Here's the before, in my Terabi outfit:


Top to bottom: Royal Crown, lapis brooch, blue pirate top, special Terabi-edition blue Heraldic cape, Karamja Gloves 3, infiniti bottoms (dyed water), flippers, Tome of Frost, SOL dyed blue. It was a sweet outfit!

Here's me in my new Molly Riedlore outfit!

Lookin reeeeeal good!

Top to bottom: Royal Crown, lapis brooch, Deathcon Tshirt, Crimson-Lime edition Heraldic cape, Karamja Gloves 3, agile legs, flippers, Book of Balance, Christmas Wand. I love it so much! I also changed up my hair mainly for a change but also to turn it black and look more like Molly Riedlore. I might swap out the wand for something else because it has a left click spec which is really irritating when doing things like banking or clicking on stars because it hits people instead. If only I could wield an oboe! LOL

Speaking of Molly Riedlore... I really need to do a spotlight on her so I can link her name up with something to read!

Anyway, today the flasks came out. I immediately went to the mine and got a lot of double ore. I thought it was supposed to work like that until I noticed I had 53 in my bank and it hadn't told me I reached the cap. Turns out the star sprite double mining works on this new rock!

For once I was able to take full advantage of first-day frenzy!

Put in to sell for 170k... sold for 1.1m! XD

Even better, it resets at GMT midnight so only a few hours after I sold my first 68 flasks I did another star and again mined it getting 70 that time. They started to crash by then but I still got 900k for 70 when they were put in for like... 180k maybe. Raking in the millz! I think I'll mine it after a star every time I get on. Then use the flasks for myself now that their novelty has worn off.

In other random news since my last post...

I got 94 Str! Yay! Congratulating me was a nice guy named wetwaters who was going for 99 def and agil, like me! Hehe :-)

Not pictured was me getting 91 Slayer on the same task. Also, I got a couple clues and got decent stuff. All noted fish I got was greatly appreciated. :-)

I found a kingly imp when I happened to recharge my combat bracelet and skillz necklaces. I can't catch or boost to catch so I called D1D (Kicker) over and he netted it and gave me 250k for it. :P

I got a clue scroll from an evil oak tree and got a beret! I was happy. I then bought a blue one and a highwayman mask for my house. And cleaned my kingdom and made brews to fund me getting a Guthix Bow, which has finally gone to 2m from 3m. I'm the bow queen now apparently. I have so many (dark, crystal, Guthix, and who knows what else) even though I never range. XD

Finally, I was in the GE when a girl glitched into a squat waddled her way through. I wish I had hypercam installed on here because I wanted so badly to take a movie! It was hilarious! It looked like an invisible horse! Only after I snapped the pic and someone said something did I realize that the girl also has a full beard. [/nightmare] I also didn't realize until I took the pic that a second squatty guy was behind her.

Well, that's all for now! I'm so close to 82 RC but it's going slower than ever before. Thank you effigies! Just about 14k to go.... *dies*

Until next time...

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