Friday, February 10, 2012

Granite, Stars, Court, Funnies

After my horrible night lab on Wednesday, in which I learned all about such rocks as Granite and Obsidian (and only barely refrained from saying OMGR00nscape!) I got on to do some of my garg task. Granite was on my mind... I got a maul on my first kill. Heh. Granite.

Later I got a mystic top too:

Today I decided to kill some time by doing some random stuff that I'd been putting off like some farming, spinning flax, etc. Among those things was doing my court case. I've had it for weeks but just now got around to it. It was pretty uneventful but man did I look sexy in court!


I won, getting me a yummy humble pie! Yay pie! Yay rc xp!

With 12k till 82 RC, and totally not in the mood for some rh00nkreftin, I was wondering if anything gives an xp reward. Derp, penguins! So, after doing some PP and a star with D1D I did the week's penguins and ended up with 20 Penguin Points (I don't regularly do pengs so I have various points) and got over 40k xp, pushing me well over what I needed to level. Woot!

82 Runecrafting! Maybe I should run astrals... or break down and fill my bank with junk so I can do ZMI.

I leave with you two funnies:

Self explanatory, Elias made a Bat Typo. XD

Hanging out with Elias at a star earlier at Varrock East, showing Lillantra my new outfit. I love my new hair and accidentally made a pun. XD

That's all! I'm super exhausted and I'm so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Until next time...

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