Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rhoonkreftin and Slaya :)

Yesterday, bleeding into today (I went to bed at 3am. Ouch!), I decided to get a head start on my, what we refer to in both Pie and Twi -speak, as Rhoonkreftin. Like I said, I bought 60k pure essence from Vik the other day and now with 9 glories I was able to start chipping away. Counting the extra 500 or so ess I still had left to craft from before, I made about 2.2k or something deaths before taking a break. 57k to go! I feel guilty not training agility but, like defence, I am taking a couple lengthy breaks to get my motivation back up. Now that I don't have anyone to train barb with, it makes it not quite as fun and I just wasn't in the mood to spend hours running it. No, I was ready for hours of running the abyss!! :D Levels come in slowly but after some number crunching I realized that I'll have 76 rcing when I am through. Woot!! So now I'm torn between using penguin points on rhoonkreftin, hunter, or prayer...

I've been selling the wad of deaths after every complete glory run so combined with monster drops I've gotten back over 10m, but more on that in a minute. After all the rcing, I checked my slayer ring. 70-something firegiants left. That's manageable! I made my way to the waterfall and before long the task was over. I returned to Kuradal and she gave me like 2 million abby specs. Um, no thanks. I canceled that task and got, instead, 202 Dust Devils. Yes!! So, Kitty and I continued our tradition of lootsharing dusties in the chaos tunnels. No chain, but we had a great time and then this happened, MUCH sooner than I was expecting!

Hooray!!! 81 attack!! I looked at my total and my jaw dropped. My total level is 1955. OMG! I'm catching up to my dad! I have no clue how I got that high of a total that fast but man am I happy about it! I finished my task and piddled around a bit before getting a new task. I said I was hoping for dragons and once again, Kuradal didn't dissapoint. 188 blues. Woot!!

I borrowed my dad's Bandos Chestplate for a few hours and set off to the ogre caves. Ugh... I didn't want to do it, I wanted to RC, but I had this nice armour. I took a break to do a star and then I told Kitty of my task. She then said something about Kuradal's Clubhouse. OMG, I totally forgot!!!! Kuradal has blues in her cave!! Kitty laughed, saying she loves when she's accidentally helpful. This task suddenly got so much more fun! I headed over with a war tortoise, a few pieces of food, a dramen staff, and a slayer ring to tele me to the closest fairy ring when I got full of hides and bones. Not to mention, I was wearing a ferocious ring, which is a nice blue color now. LOL!

I kind of wanted to do a play-by-play, like Marlaine, but I only got as far as one picture. LOL!

I haven't been to blues since I was lvl 112 combat... They're a bit easier to kill now at 81 att/str than at 76 att/str! I was hitting a max of 30 on these badboys! I never use supersets and the only stat boosting item I had was Enhanced Excalibur which gives me like 116 defence. So, that's pretty good!

I finished my task, getting one ferocious ring, and got Greater Demons for my next task. Yay, back in the cave! I can camp here this time! I went to the GE to sell some stuff and after Runescape broke for a few minutes I was back tanning my hides and using a SC needle to make blue bodies, which sold for quite a bit. Yay!! I got some marentills from Full Gangsta and was off to gilded-alter-ize the near 200 dragon bones I had. Woot, I'm about 40k from 73 prayer already! One more dragon task and I'll have it easy. I wanted to sell the bones but money is money and can always be earned back while skills are forever. Plus, 89 prayer isn't gonna get itself!

I finally got so tired that I was making all sorts of spelling mistakes so I went to bed. But first I leave with you these funnies:

I'm a pure of everything since I can't support 2 accounts personally. My cousin got in on the act. LOL!

An accurate description of the Shilo clue that I walked in on. LOL!

"Why is it called the United Kindom?" Boombaye1 answers that.

Canting Lord spent FOREVER trying to make a bunny, with no help from the rest of the chat. Finally, after I interrupted with a partyhat, he got a complete bunny.

Here it is!

Off for whatever I'm doing!

Until next time...

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