Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Goin' To The Movies!!

Look out world!! I have discovered Windows Movie Maker!! Already I have started a series called "Full Of Pie [does X mundane task] Whilst Unfitting Music Plays." Basically I film myself doing some random task and then choose a random song from my selective bank of music and put it in the background. I first did this with my rcing video and had one of my favorite songs from Rollercoaster Tycoon in the background. It looped 3 times but for whatever reason it didn't play the last time. -.- I deleted the video and started over.

Meanwhile I had made my second video in the series, this time of me smithing cannonballs. Well, the song was much longer than the footage I took so I decided it would be fun to add a "bonus video" to the end of it. An idea was born. So, I fixed up the runecrafting video and added a bonus video to it and added it as episode #2. Ideas of songs and things to film flooded in and I managed to find time to create episode 3 which is a personal favorite:

All three of them are great and while I'm enthusiastically showing off my vids, here are episode 2...

...and 1!

I will definitely make more of these plus maybe some actual guides/documentaries/epic moments in the future.

Today I did loads of runecrafting first off. I have made about 10k deaths so far! 52k ess left! As I got a loop half from an impling yesterday I bought a toof half and got me my 10th glory. Whenever I mess up and go to the abyss without swapping out my uncharged glory I cabbage ring and run south to my planted spirit tree, return to the ge, and head back to Edgy to restart the hypnosis of Abyssal Rhoonkreftin. As you cannot right-click teleport with planted trees, you have to talk to it, which has helped me accidentally discover many evil trees.

My tree did not disappoint and I happily found myself at an evil magic tree which sort of helped with my 79 firemaking... What was better was that I met someone named "Online Slave." LOL genius name!!! Her outfit was just as epic and I got a couple pics:

Yes those are slave robes she's wearing and she's wielding a mud pie. How cute!

I spent a majority of the day piddling around chasing stars which is the hot item of Pie's week. Of course I took a little break to do some Trawler while waiting for the star, which I eventually found at Rimmy with the help of Jojododo9 who happened to be on the same world! So, we worked together and finally found it. I even saw A Time Thief there too :-)

Among other things I went out and got some wool from sheep to string my glory with, as I'm on the regspells right now. When I got to the sheep pen in Draynor, I noticed that there were black sheep, with a little sheep icon next to their name.

I had no clue what all this meant so I exclaimed my great discovery of perhaps a new minigame into Canting. Turns out I'm just behind the times and Sheep Shearer quest has changed considerably. This spurred me to go collect the random extra rewards that some old freeplay quests have gotten. Of course I just HAD to pose with the penguin-sheep. It's been YEARS since I was first startled by the waddling, squeaking sheepthing.

At least now I know that those are penguins under there. I had no clue what they were when I first clicked it over 3 years ago.

I took a break to go RL shopping at the store at 1 in the morning. It was deserted so I bought gamer's food: chips, salsa, and Dr. Pepper. LOL the only people in the store were young couples and obvious gamers. I just wanted to try out my new boots. Hehe... Upon returning I scoped like 15 worlds until I found a star that wasn't in the wilderness, Fremmy, or the Kharidian Desert. Found a PGT and a Karamja star within minutes of each other so I hit up the PGT first. It was a Piscatoris size 3 so I hopped worlds hoping to strike it rich. The star had fallen and after a short run I found the beastly size 7 rock tagged, but deserted, in the horseshoe mine. I invited Fuge from Canting to mine it with me and the other person there. Very nice star and I am now about 190k until 88. Not bad!

I'm screwing up my sleep schedule by staying up ridiculously late watching Youtube videos and scoping early morning stars, plus writing blog posts. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

In other news...
Twi got Ventrilo finally so it was cool to chat with him while doing a little agility, something I haven't done in a week. There goes my goal of 200k xp a day... Oh well, taking a break is fine with me and soon I'll be back on it! I did get about 50k XP though. I also did my penguins and put the xp on hunter (blasphemy!!). I really want 71 so that I can catch imps and pot up for pirate implings. I knocked 27k off my level, leaving about 30k till. That's about an hour at orange sallies? Anyways I am off to bed. 4:20 AM, yikes!

Until nest time...

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