Monday, January 18, 2010

Soulwars Fun

I'm definitely ready to go back to school... I am getting sick of playing RS all day long for now... LOL! I want so badly to do the new quest but I want to have all the stuff stocked first so I can just keep doing back in when I die. I have enough brews and restores for 2 trips but.... I have no war tortoises. Ugh! I need to find some time to kill warped tortoises while my toadflax grows and my kingdom gets me nests. I also want to get my ranged a little higher... It's only 77 and I'd like to have 80 before I try this dude.

Therefore, I decided to play Soulwars for a few hours. I had my Forge Regent and Jade Bolts out of course and even brought out the Talon Beast for a game or two. I of course decided to film now that I am a Hypercam Noob. I got both awesome specs on film and compiled them, along with some clips of me both pwning and getting pwnt, in a nice little video with a dorky soundtrack. :-P

After a few games I had 11 zeal so I spent it on Ranged, getting me close to 50k xp. Sweet! Now I'm about 80k from 78... I'm getting there! I love training Ranged without actually doing Ranged!

After that I did a farm run and then went to the circus and did horribly on my ranged. I failed 4/5 ducks... Oh well, 8k xp is still awesome. :-P I scored like 17k in Magic and about 14k in Agility.

After that I helped Peekyface pwn Damis in the shadow dungeon. It was frightening seeing him get comboed in the high 20's... What a difference 100+ combat makes, vs his 71! He was all set for the final boss of RFD when awwwww he hadn't done DT! Keep in mind that this is Peeky's quest pure. His main pwned Nomad and got his quest cape back and he has multiple 99's.

He finally found a safespot and after "hitting like he was 10 ranged" (it took a long time because his knives and arrows kept hitting 0) he killed him! I took a picture but I forgot to paste it into Paint so I copied over it. *headdesk* That means that this blog post has... NO pictures!! o.O However it has 2 videos so ya know... Just take my word for it that I killed all skellies and shadow hounds so that Peeky could focus his energy on Damis.

I then logged out for the night earlier than 11:00. Wow! LOL!

For your extra viewing pleasure, I decided to record me doing the agility part of the circus because, well, I LOVE juggling spades! Haha! I really wanted to get it on film and I did, along with the other millions of tricks I did. I started with the hard stuff working my way down, alternating juggling and whatever else. All was going well and it was my last trick. I saw an audience member say "Do the small hop," you know, the easy peasy level 10 hop. I failed it. WTF???!?! Owchies!!! Way to take me back to my pre-93 agil days when I failed the balance beam all the time... I even made the same funny noise! LOL!

I actually really hate this video... The drabness of the tightrope place is so depressing... I like it when I juggle the spades though :-P and when it gets to the bonus clip. I mentioned it in a previous post but here it is! We couldn't have planned it better if we tried! Make sure you watch it all the way though because there is an extra-extra cheesy bonus clip at the very end of Sabredance!

School starts tomorrow and I am excited for once! I've missed the company of my friends and the lovely sunlight and rain that's been happening here. My RS time will be limited which will make it more meaningful and I'll get more done. Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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