Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pie and Twi's Most Excellent Adventure

After I finished all those cannonballs I ran around using the balloon to plankify my oaks. I cut my own willows and within 150 logs got 4 bird nests with high price seeds. Palm, banana, papaya, and maple!! o.O Finally Twi and I decided to go star hunting so he could get 70 Mining. We finally found a world with a star near and ran agility until it fell. In the middle of our running, Twi decided that the time was now for him to get Flippers and a Cutlass. That meant 4 quests and a miniquest.

We started off by first killing mogres. I helped him gather the stuff for the miniquest and we were off. Finally we were ready to kill!
Mogres look a lot different since the last time I killed them. They no longer wear yellow flippers :-(
Mogres drop a ton of raw fish, including shark which was a hot item back in the days when I did this the first time. When I got 80 cooking I had 40 raw sharks waiting for me, all from mogres. Twi and I both managed to snag 2 mudskipper hats by the time we were done.

Finally, Twi received his own pair of beautiful flippers. They're so adorable!!!We returned to Rimmy to cook our fish and heal up, and got Twi ready for Chompy Hunting + Zogre Flech Eaters + Rum Deal + Cabin Fever, all for the cutlass. LOL!

He spotted the polar bear and a penguin among this time and we just HAD to pose at the polar bear because he is SO DANG CUTE!!!!!!! <3333333

Of course, leave it to me to make an epic sentence. I was talking about the bow string, I swear!

Epic chat head indeed...

Soon, after lots of fun, Twi finally finished the four quests and got his own cutlass!!! Actually, he was so excited that he got all three! LOL!!

Harry's Cutlass...

The Rapier...

And of course the Lucky Cutlass.

Mission Accomplished!!

Until next time...

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