Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Past Few Dayz...

In the past few "dayz" I haven't been playing a whole lot, just enough to get some agility xp here and there. At the moment I like the gnome course better than barbarian because

A. I don't fail gnome and therefore
B. It's faster.

I've gone quite a long time since leveling anything so there hasn't been too much to share. Two days ago, Twi surprised me, his friends, and the world with 96 Agility:

Some of his friends from w9 and even Ferus Diety from Canting came to give him high-fives with their pretty messages. Ferus thought he got 91 but it really is 96. LOL!

Last night, after much concentration and finally enough sleep, this little message was waiting for me:
In 600k xp I'll be halfway there! Woohoo! That second half goes much faster than the first half. Even though I've only gotten one 99, I still know that to be true. Now, in about 10k xp, Agility will overthrow cooking for my 2nd highest skill. I never woulda thought...

Anyways, in the past couple days I've finished my Garg task and showed people my house as I add stuff. Sadly, no more gmauls from gargs to help me recover my moneys, but money is money and it's easy to get. I'm not desperate... yet... 83 con is going to cost me about 600k which is really not that big of a deal. 600k is about 300 snake hides. No biggie.

While I was there my dad showed up to give me some food since my bunyip ran out with 30 to go. He got surrounded! LOL!

I was so happy to show off my new and improved dungeon with the added baby red dragons and teleport trap. And, as always, I was very happy and amused by my tangle vines.

I finally got a good pic too. Hehe :-)

And, as always, I'm out to look for artsy pictures to take. Here's me waiting for a star on Mos Le Harmless with my baby platypus in tow.

So pretty!!

All right, I got school to go to but hopefully 83 Con will be coming your way tonight!

Until next time...

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