Monday, November 9, 2009

Goldmine, SC, a Smithing Lvl, New Hair, Finders, and Agility

For the past few days since my last post, I've been doing a bunch of things. Of course, I've been running a bit of agility......and managed to synch up with someone! The pic looks pretty cool!

I've spent most of my time at the W84 Living Rock Caverns and upon reading Massecure's comment tried, found, and enjoyed the "Mining Golds" clanchat, which is dedicated to this world and consisted of over half the people down there. A couple odd hours later and I finally had enough gold for 77 Smithing. I got it eventually but not for a while.

As a side note, I took Twilight to the LRC upon his request to "see all the skillcapes." We arrived and he was in awe. He could hardly believe his eyes at the blur of skillcapes and lava titans. Suddenly he says "I saw Timothy Gold!" I asked him how he knew and he said "Well, I saw a red partyhat and a farming cape so it must be him..." I laughed and the funny part was it really was him! It was fun to chat with him for a bit. LOL!

By the way I took another epic skillcape "I Spy" picture. I am undecided which epic picture I like best.The most common cape I see here is still, of all things, Runecrafting. I rarely see combat capes. Today, I was down there and saw someone with a def cape and flippers. Twinner! Maybe I am setting a trend... ;-)

Anyways, this morning some AWESOME updates greeted my eyes. I read the full list and was very happy! One of the first things I noticed was the new right-click smash option on gargs. Woot!! I happily ran to the slayer tower and began smashing away at my garg task that I still have. I killed a bunyip worth of them before heading back to the LRC for the 250 remaining gold ore I needed for a smith level.

Upon discovering that Merch Gwyar and I were on the same world we met up at the GE where she showed me her new, drop-dead adorable imp who follows her around with a banner from the champion guild.I had to get a pic of course and we were showing off emotes. We also chatted a bit with a fellow player named "2 Def BeAsT" who was asking every skillcaper he saw what their level was in that skill. LOL!

Of course, no emote party is complete without a synchro questcape emote. Quest Sisters ahoy!!

So after that I went to Edgy and 250 or so gold bars later, I got a level.

I'm pretty sure that I'll get 80 "Smiffin" using addy knives. I was happy to hear that the XP of items is based on bars and not the item so it'll cost the same. Just like oak planks! Yay! That brings my total to 1911. Wowie. I remember being 1336. That wasn't that long ago...

I decided to play Stealing Creation after that because I got the logs and money for 82 Con. After a bunch of games, Kitty Molly (who is THE sc player!!) joined the fun. She plays this game so well and at one time had over 15,000 points. She definitely has her strategies for getting me lots of runes and other goodies! :-) About the only word she says in game is "Yoink!" LOL! She often says she wishes she could share her points with us... Me too! I could have the hammers for 99 Con then. :-)

After I finished a game, I heard there was a star approaching Fremmy. I had just enough time to check out the new hairstyles before heading up. I was pleased to learn that changing hairstyle is still free and after looking at the new styles actually found one I loved! I am now sporting the "half up half down" style, which looks very much like my hair in real life. It's a half ponytail- the ponytail is curly and spiked and the rest of the hair is straight. It's the best of both worlds :-) Of course in real life my hair isn't green...

I then just picked a random spot to wait for the star at. I assumed everything was taken so I hit up Miscellania as it was closest to a fairy ring for me. I got there and nobody was there. Someone in chat asked who was at Misc and I said that I was and no sooner did I say that than the all-too-familiar sound of the falling star fill the air. For once I didn't freak out and just typed "Lol. +6k mining xp for pie pie." I even got a pic!The finders and the XP off it (was size 4) pushed me to about 60k until 86 mining. Suuu-weet!!

After the star I did some things and eventually found myself at an evil maple tree in Ape Atoll which gave me 12 minutes of free oak logs. The nests that I got have pushed my nest total to darn near 1,000! Yay!! After that I was off to the Barbarian course with Twilight until I got too tired to play anymore.

I have no idea what I'll be doing tomorrow but I bet it'll probably be agility! Oo, and that 82 Con... For now it's time for bed though. LOL!

Until next time...

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