Friday, November 27, 2009

Day of Not Agility

Today I did a complete day of not-agility. It started off with....

~Big Chompy Bird Hunting~

...the minigame, not the quest. My goal was a 3-feathered green hat. For that, I needed 225 Chompies. I got a ton last night but I was ready to finish the task at hand. Bring it!!!

To participate, one needs very little things. Ogre arrows, an ogre bow, and ogre bellows are all one needs, besides a dramen staff for quick banking. The range of the chompyland goes from Rantz alllll the way to that lone teak tree south of castlewars.

First you fill the billows with swamp gas and inflate a toad.

Next, you place all 3 in an open area.

After a while between 1 and 3 odd little birds will fly down for you to snipe!


Repeat this process until you reach the desired amount of chompies for one ownage hat and bragging rights...

...or until you go absolutely crazy!!!

I was totally in the mood. It was actually tons of fun! I will definitely do this more often and will defnitely make some wild pies out of this. I killed about 200 today!

After all that I was milling around trying to decide what to do. I learned ranger boots are 19m so I killed some harpie bugs until I got a clue in hopes that I'd get some. I didn't, but in the process sucked it up and bought the Karils top. I bought the legs last night and was very happy with them and finally gave in to the stripey armed temptation.

After going to Peekyface's house to see his new dungeon, and he and Ed playing in my dungeon (poisoning me while sitting in my conference room chairs and making all of them disappear one by one) I decided to give Karils a whirl on my aquanite task, which I desperately didn't want to do and yet didn't want to cancel. I got 21 swordfish from the clue so I was off.

Wow. Karils worked amazing there!! I lasted for a very long time! I still needed plenty of food but not as much as usual by far. Also, something awesome happened on the second kill. It died and all I saw was bones. Thinking it was a seed I right slicked. Staring back at me was an amulet of ranging. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!! OMG YES!!!!!!!! That helped pay back my Karils.

Sometime in between my task, I sold my spare ranging ammy and my gnome scarf, which I haven't worn in months and has doubled. In the blink of an eye I pretty much made back what I spent for my Karils.

The task was soon finished and I had the feeling I should go to Lapalok instead of Sumona. I had a feeling that I was going to get black demons, which I have been wanting to ban for a long time. Well, I did go to him and wouldn't ya know, I got black demons! I banned them and unbanned Turoth and Kurask (banned cuz I couldn't use whip on them [back when I was going for 99 Def]). It felt great! He then gave me Abby Specs!! Woot!! More time for my Karils to shine! I must say, after Aquanites, Abby Specs are easy! LOL!

Before I killed them though, Ed was looking to buy cosmics from everyone. Since I have 16,000, all from stars, I happily offered as many as he would take. He settled for 7k so while I waited for him I price checked them. I then almost fell out of my seat. 7k cosmics is over ONE MILLION!!! Holy crap!!!!! We did an item trade and I'm happy to say he paid in herbs. I was happy because a majority of the price was in Obsidian Golem pouches, which I really wanted but never got around to doing. Woohoo!!! Speaking of Ed, he has an amazing outfit right now.

Rockin the emo hair, gnome goggles, karils, bonesack, etc... Ur definitely doin it rite!!!

I leave you with a couple pictures I took today and over the past few days, that I couldn't fit anywhere else:

Longbone/Shark drop from Aquanites...

Using the lvl 82 agility shortcut in the Fremmy caves :-)
It's a very long jump...

Another example of 2 comversations coming together. LOL!

Me and someone named CRIMINAL doing our Defence emote :-)

Twi and I came across a clan event at the BH bank...

Finally, I get dissed by a bartender. Sad part is, I agree!

Until next time...

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  1. Massecure36028 November, 2009

    Wow, I haven't gone chompy hunting in a while! I should really do that sometime. I have exactly 701 kills atm, maybe someday I'll get 4,000? Gratz on the ranging amulet drop! Some of us have all the luck :p