Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Randomness in Pictures

Over the past week I've been doing a lot of Slaying! When not slaying I've been farming and good stuff like that, enjoying being able to do it lag-free!

Yay 93 Str! Thanks Hati Paws!

I've gotten awesome tasks recently and have been able to train my str right up! I had a black dragon task too and finally caved in and bought a zammy spear. Worth it!

I got Junglywyyrms somewhere along the way and got an elite clue!

The reward wasn't half bad! Super sets (something I even suggested be a clue reward back in the day), a snap seed, blah blah blah, and sweets which are apparently a hot item again and sold for lots!

I've been hanging out with random peeps on my RS adventures.

Me (on right) and this guy named TGOD Wiiz K ended up at ivy in nearly identical outfits (unplanned)! We shared a moment before he went off saying how he took the first hit of his bong for the Friday night... *rolls eyes*

While on a LRC task I ran into a fellow Agile Brother named RsMadeYouSad and we took a moment to synch up our emote. :P

His cape's in my face. :L
Also, looks like my cape has more ruffles in the wind!

Like good old times I made a funny:
I hadn't noticed Elias changed his name, which he apparently had done a month ago. I hung out with him for 2 hours like 2 days prior at a rellekka star (in which Hati paid us a visit lolol) and didn't notice because I only read the ends of words. Then Elias explained the thing where you leave the first and last letter the same and the middle letters can be totally scrambled but you can still read it. Then this happened. Mpiey. LOL
*also pictured, me slaying with Daantje at LRC :-) *

That brings us to today! I did the rest of my LRC task and got something I've never heard of. Good thing I got my dad to tell me how to access/kill these things. I did a bunch of stars and of course got a troll pet because I wanted to name it Flippers. I was crushed when I realized they don't eat things that aren't tradable so I went with one of my favorite words that didn't have an adjective in front of it (the only thing that kept me from naming it Pizza). It's very me and I took a lot of careful consideration when choosing his name so please give a warm welcome to...

Bucket! :-)

For the record, my dad named his Dragonstone. Other names on my list included Diamond, Spade (just for Orix lol), Coins, Mithril [anything], and Mushroom. I would have gone with Pizza but it's called Plain Pizza. Everything that sounded cool to me was untradable like Clue Scroll, Agility Cape, and Flippers.

In odd news, there was an Asgarnia star that fell, of course, in Taverly. Well, the mine moved but the star didn't. I had a feeling that happened but forgot the placement so I didn't see it as I ran past looking for it. It's right smack dab in the middle of the road below the witch's house now. Haha. I hope they fix that soon cuz now it's in the middle of nowhere. XD

Well, time for bed. Hopefully I'll have more pics and wonderful things later. Oh yeah, I got 92 WC but there's no more message so I didn't get a pic and was too lazy to get it from my Adv Log. Just trust me. :P

Until next time...

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