Monday, January 23, 2012


Guess who has two flippers and got a 90-day membership card???? This girl!!!! Oh it feels so good to play again after my couple months' absence! I'm not going to be playing anywhere near what I was before but heyyyy now I can show off my lovely choices of color and outfits and actually go and do things without lag!

I was quite pleased to log on and find my name, complete with my title, smiling at me from my inbox:

Too bad my title can't be Healer or Terabian :P
(inb4 Barb Assault. I hate it!)

With membership restored, the first thing I did was rush to my kingdom where I got my favor back up from 25% and put 2m into my kingdom that had dwindled to about 1k gp. Below is the obscene amount of stuff that I got:

(2 guam and a tarromin seed. Overall not bad for starting with 1m!)

I must say I'm loving the tool belt! Grinding nests and chipping tabs and stuff... so nice! I fizzled out all those months ago with 50k to 89 Herblore and after making everything that I would normally make with the herbs I keep I got it, just in time for the 85 super str's and dwarf weeds waiting for me. :D

89 Herblore on the new window!

After that, I went out to Rellekka with my dad to get my Hati Cape and Skoll Boots.

Tackling Hati the adorable breathy ice creature! He was no match for my new crystal bow!
LOL, he killed my dad's pretty pony about a minute after I snapped this pic. Too bad you can't see Bass Daddy... I'm standing on him. :P

For Skoll we went to World 2 so that we wouldn't have to get all the logs ourselves. It took three tries for me to get the boots but that gave me plenty of time to snap a good pic! It looks like I'm just standing around... lol! I think that's my arrow just hanging out on that guy's shoulder. XD

Let's take a moment and admire my newest outfit! I recolored my cape to make it Terabi blue and found clothing to match accordingly.
Take a moment to let the fact it's not green soak in. :P
Flippers are still present of course!

After getting my wolfie presents I headed off to chop some ivy. I'd rather do agility but any excuse to get my wc up faster is tempting enough for me!

I met a guy named V Dub4 and we had fun chatting. :-)
Also my dad loaned me his Santa and it looks random but awesome with my new hair. :P
Also note my change of shirt to feel more... I dunno... comfy!

After I mentioned I was taking pics he ran to the bank to get his own santa! Then someone named BillB0ard came and visited us, wishing us luck on becoming WC masters like him and that we should visit his master for our cape. I hope someday that I'll have a WC cape of my own!

It feels great to be back! Time to go pwn some monsters and st00f once my boots run out!

Until next time...

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