Friday, March 16, 2012

Molly Mahogany

Wooooo bonus XP weekend!!! For once I decided to train a skill that I had to actually buy stuff for. Normally I only do skills that I can obtain in mass quantities (herby from kingdom) or that don't need to be bought (like agility and combat). Today however it was Construction Day! I was 92 with like 600k until 93 and with over 6k Mog planks ready to go I was off to work!

A couple hours into it I got 93 Con! Yay! That's two effigies I can do at Heim!

I wasn't sure how much xp I'd end up with but I had plenty of planks and time left and got 94 Con just as my counter dipped to 1.9. Perfect!

This has given me a push to get 99 so I foresee a lot of Fast SC in my future. Yay.... I stopped with Con when it fell below 2x because I'm a penny pincher so after I got 94 I decided to train hunter. I started by potting up for Sapphire Glacialis but that proved to be very annoying so I decided to hunt the penguins and get kgp agents instead. I love catching them deadfall! It doesn't kill them like kebbits but their feet get stuck and they look like they hump the rock. Haha. I have like 84k to 85 now and will probably go back to butterflies because as much of a pain as they are I'll only need to catch like 100 now. Plus, free agility xp!

Constructively yours,

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