Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pie Day!!!

In my last post I said I got a whip drop on my task! Here it is! This is my 4th whip drop and the first on a task. :D

Not shown: an hour or so before I got this drop, I said in Canting "You know what would be cool? A whip drop." The game listened! Also, I'm really not as excited as my screenie shows. I was more excited that my little sassy statement came true. :P

They updated Tzhaar yet again and with that comes brand new looking monsters. Let's take a moment to remember what the lvl 180 Yt Mejkot (the thing that heals itself) looked like before anything was updated:

It looks like a rat with a hood. XD
That noob in that obsidian bot-like gear is a very low-level me. :P

Until a few weeks ago it looked like Trogdor. I can't find a picture. Aww.

Now it looks even more different and sort of combined the two together. It has the same face but now it has a lava core, a paler color, and got fat. :P

I got 95 Farming!!! Woop woop!

I could get 99 pretty quickly if I kept up this crazy farming!

Lodestones came out and I love them! I unlocked them all and am excited about potential uses like Varrock for stars and the berry bush, ardy for when my cloak tele is used up, and the general ability to travel all over much faster. :D

Also loyalty rewards came out and I can't afford Guthix wings or the elf clothing. Crycry. Oh well, I should be getting more points in like 10 days. I'm just mad I bought Salvation before I knew this. Too bad I can't refund it. >.>

I've run into this guy named Musical Note a couple times and finally commented. We both have Music in our names! :D

Now for some funnies:

Me and MsClick have a friendly brawl :P

My dad got an RC lamp from the Scam Wheel which leveled him up and he gloated about it. XD

Finally here are two more awesomely colored max capes:

Dphant1 in an orange and purple cape...

Lady of Las in a stunning lemonade/sky blue/pink cape!

I love these custom color capes because it gives people something interesting to show off! I can't tell you how many times I've been complimented on my cape!

Well, happy Pie day!!! I bought myself a cheap pie since I have class until 9:30 tonight and can't make one that is more legit. Ceeeeleeebraaaateeeeee!

Until next time...

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