Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rage-Slaying Dragons

Today I set off to piddle around. Ended up canceling my 3rd slayer task in a row. I still refuse to do any polypore things and got jadinkos. I hate those too because of the lag so I canceled those and got Spirimages. I got mad and ragequit slayer for a while so I took my polypore staff and hot mage gear and went down to Brimhaven for a few hours and camped at irons/steels. I was desperate for a clue, visage, ANYTHING!


I'm a hot mage :P

No visage but I got two hard clue scrolls that yielded acceptable results. Got r00n legs from both, a h1 body from one, sawmill teles, lots of runes, etc. I also got some funnies of course:

Sometimes, the game likes to answer my own questions. XD

And of course, how could I talk about Eenie on RS and not have a cute pic to go with??

Really, I looked over at her and her head was like neeeroooom crash! She had lifted it before I thought to take a pic but she was totally falling asleep again. :3 Thankfully she rolled over and fell asleep proper after that. :P

I'm nodding off myself and the game glitched up on me and booted me so I'm off to bed. I've been making brew flasks/selling/buying nests/repeating with the 800 or so vials of unf toadflax I had, making me like 2.5m in the process. Right now I'm buying irit unf to go with all the eyes of newt I have lying around in the bank and once those are all made I'm gonna get enough avantoe to get me 90 Herblore. Woop woop! Not long now! I tend to level skills into the 90's in pairs it seems... :P

Also, when in the world did I become 134 cb? Was that from my 99 hp? I thought that was 133. Whatever... I must be getting old XD

Until next time...

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