Monday, March 26, 2012

15th to 90

  Who has two flippers and got 90 Herblore????

Me!!! W0000000T!!!!

After pinching my pennies and using a special half life method, and like 800+ super attacks and a bunch of extreme attacks later, I got it!

I set off to capture a handful of grenwall spikes to make some extreme range pots for future PC and Slayer use. I bought 28 range pots and set off for Lletya. When I was comfortably nestled in my hunting spot I noticed something odd about one of the trees...

First I noticed it had some branches missing...

 Then I turned my camera for a better look and....

Ahahaha! The top of the tree was floating in midair! XD

I then had to get brown spice (I ain't wasting a mature ale on this!!) so I went to the basement of doom where, just my luck, I got loads of brown spice right away! I then had to eat tons of stews but eventually got a 95/90 boost and was able to do all of my extreme ranged pots and even buy a few more supplies to finish the spines off. I'm happy now!

Tomorrow is a special day :D

Until next time...

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