Monday, March 19, 2012



That makes left half #3, gotten on my iron dragon task. I got absolutely NOTHING else. No clues, no legs/skirts, no visage, nothing but coins, charms, bones, and some runite limbs. This happened after only killing a handful, and ironically after I took a look at the hellhounds lit up by a wall torch to become the same ruby red color causing me to think "I love it when I get a ruby crimson red drop in that color!"

P.S.- after I leveled up my construction and my multiplier was under 2.0 I went hunting penguins and sapphire glacialis (with a hunter pot) to get that last 100k for 85.

85 Hunter! Now I can catch these teeny tiny troller things without any potions!
(level gotten at ruby harvests however because I cba'd to open another hunty flask, lol)

I messed around for a bit and ended up buying some yews and finishing off with a couple logs from kingdom to get this:

89 Fletching! 10 levels to go. Oh barf. I better find a cool dude to stand at a bank with. :P

That was about it for DXPW. It was a total success and now I can do all con effigies and have less than 100 SC hammers for 99! I'll be deciding whether to go for 99 str or con first. We shall see. :D Also, I went hunting some pawyaya to get rocks and got the first in one inventory (yesterday) and the second in three trappings today. I be pro! It was that stone that made me go and do my slayer task of irons that got me that left half. Hohoho.

Until next time...

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