Saturday, March 31, 2012

23, 75, 92, 97

 Wow what an exciting couple of days! First, it was my birthday on Tuesday. Yay me, I'm 23. I didn't play much but I was very excited to see the Morytania Diaries and got my Early Bird bonus almost right away. Normally I'd put the lamps to RC but I made an exception and put them on Dunj because I was so desperate for 75. It got me close, but not close enough (I thought the bonus was 50k, not 15k) so I did tears and a quick (not) solo med floor and finally snagged that lovely 75!

 Woot 75 Dunj! That hidden imp place was sooo worth it! No wonder the royal crown is so cheap now! XD

I got another court case from something so I did it. I should be almost done with those for now. :D

 I only took this pic cuz I liked her eyes... haha... life of an artist...

 I got an addy pl8 from that box. Woot!

While doing Temple Trekking to unlock more of the hard/elite tasks a bunch of funny things happened. First, when I killed the werewolf person, it dropped a clue scroll. XD  I didn't get that great of a reward but I had fun.

Also, I met up with Elias to give him a limp seed and we had a flipper jig in the BDR Bank. :D

Dual mid-jump!

Today I set off to level some things, since I have like 6 skills under 100k to a level. I love those times! I first played 25 games of veteran PC and finally, finally, FINALLYYYYYY after like 500 GAMES (and 2k points or so) I got those hybrid boots@@@@

 I chose Trickster and I can't even wear them, because I don't have 85 ranged. XD
Good thing I play PC ranging with my Crythtal Bow.
(and I'm 100k from 84 so we're getting there!)
Oh, also I didn't know that by painting my whip green it stays unlocked for all the other items too (thank you Elias!!) so I promptly colored my dark bow green. Woot!

After getting my 100 points I did a couple occult floors with Kicker (D1D) and had fun getting wayyy more xp than I'm used to. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough for him and he ditched me for someone else. XD  It's ok, I was on the highest floor I could be anyway. I noticed I had a gap in my prestige so I did my missing floor and got Stomp for my boss. Woot!

And laughed about his death as always... XD
(my worldbearer has nothing. it was an easy run)

It became way late at night which was the optimum time to get 120k Str xp and level. I canceled my 4th task in a row and got Veld. That's weird, I thought I banned them, but ok! I got like 8k from a Slayer level and 9k from a Str level so I bought 10k slayer xp...

 92 Slayer!! Yes!! Halfway there!

I got dagannoth as my next task and didn't feel like going down there yet so I racked my brain for an easy monster to camp at for a bit and chose dusties since I was already at Sumona buying 92 Slayer. The only thing stopping me from camping like 12 abby demons was the urn. I don't have one and couldn't be asked to pick up the ashes. I so lazy!

No chain, but...

97 Strength! Oh joy joy 2.3m xp until I can use my whip again!!!

I'm feeling pretty pro right now. ;)

I leave you with some stuff...

Droppin the Bass!

Two cool max capes:

Sereniti in a pink/yellow cape...

Kevinspostal with a blue/black/lime cape...

We are now caught up again.

Until next time...

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