Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peeky Is Back!!!!!

 Yes!!!! After a year and a half or whenever it was, he's BACK!!!! I was so sad to see him go and never forgot about him. Imagine my surprise when I got on RS yesterday and Astrodome PM'd me!!! I went crazy!! I didn't get a pic of that but here's some text from today. Peeky is back!!!!

Rejoice reeejoiiiiceeee!!
Peeky is one of the reasons I didn't quit RS. :-)

In other news... I got 82 Prayer! I missed the message because I was AFK but selling wyvern bones for dragon bones was an excellent idea because the price was like 2:1. :D

82 Prayer!

Finally, one of my friends decided to ragequit because he "lost 26m" while hosting the flower game. I just laughed because I know he'll be back and because he lost as the host of that stupid game. While PMing me, his autotalker got into my PM, making this amusing epic fail. Less than an hour later he got 48 hour muted for autotalking. He's having a bad day but I think it's hilarious. I just don't care anymore. :D


Until next time...

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