Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ridiculous Questing

 It's been a busy-ish couple of days. I've been slaying a lot and piddling around, mostly. Here are some highlights:

Two PG-13 rated funnies:

 Elias discovers the wonders of PyraPlundrawr :P

 I was at abby demons with atki908 and we ended up having a very lively conversation, started with this naughty bit. Turns out this guy had pneumonia or close to it and he was at home getting ready to see if he had to be admitted to the hospital. What better way to spend your tiny amount of awake hours than by working up for 99 summon and slayer! He was a cool guy.

I had 450 fishing explosives in my bank so I decided to try for some flippers. Over 100 vials later, nothing! Sad sad. I did notice this:

 Creeeepy face!

I've started on The Firemaker's Curse and I HATE IT!!! GAAAHHHHHH!! Another quest designed to piss me off! I started it at like 1 in the morning which didn't help either. It took forever to find the quest start (I call BS on it being "near eagles peak") and the puzzles are insanely annoying because they go out/can't walk through the fires/etc. Going afk to check the guide again almost got me killed with rocks. This quest and the fire events at the circus better be worth it or I'ma be pissed.

I did catch this though. Hah.

Yes, yes you are.

Well, I'm off. Peace out peeps.

Until next time...

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