Saturday, September 17, 2011

Of Quintets and Numbers

Not much happened today. Mainly, I geared up, took my fancy new toys (KO aura, enhanced x4 Excalibur, and ext att/str pots) and Birdo, and camped out at cave horrors. I coulda done slayer but I have dark beasts and no idea what to do so I went with something easy. It was fun and although I got no black masks I got 5 fellstalk seeds and a bunch of those mushroom seeds which was pretty sweet. I also got these funnies from the text:

Me and Daantje talking about quintets, leading to why horn is in both brass and woodwind quintets. It snuck in like a bosss!!

Self explanatory... me always noticing what others don't... :P Gratz D1D on 99 dunj today!

I planted the 5 herbs. Hope they came up all right and get me lots of munni!

Until next time...

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