Monday, September 5, 2011

Farming and Slayer

Yesterday I got on for a bit because I was feeling bored and got a lot done! I tagged all my palm trees I planted the other day and redid my poison ivy bushes and things and after I tagged my papayaya tree in Lletya I got myself a lovely level!

I can assist all farming effigies now! Woohoo!

By the way, it's not Papaya in piespeak. It really is papa-yaya. :P

Anyway I finally perm banned blue dragons because I hate them (hate banking all the time- will unblock when I get a yak) and I've canceled the last 5 tasks of them at least. My next task was 6 mithril dragons! Much better!

After taking ages to get ready I was finally there poking them with my leafy sword. I was able to do exactly 6 + 1 for luck before my food ran out. No rares, but I got lotsa green charms and 3 r00n battleaxes. :P

I leave you with another cool outfit on a guy called Drtharx I spotted in Varrock. Cute peekybeard is cute!

A lovely red and yellow ensemble to go with his firemaking cape. :P

Well it's time to do that homework I've out off... Today is a holiday- woot!

Until next time...

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