Monday, September 5, 2011

From The Text- Men of Canting Edition

Today I did tons of slayer tasks. I was on a roll! After those miths I got Kalfites, Junglywyyrms, and Gargs before ending at Dark Beasts, which I've never had before. I'll do those another time. I got an elite clue off those jungle strykes (woot!) and did that when I finished, netting me this awesome catch after taking me on a scanning adventure through Piscatoris, Haunted Woods, Lum Caves, Zanaris, and some compass places:

Not bad! Palm seed, D long and dagger, nats, and bandos legs to go with that bandos body I got from that skelehorror a week ago. :D

I now present to you some funnies from the text that I caught today with some one the men of Canting that are quickly becoming good friends of mine:

D1D's life is now complete! I told him after that this is the kind of stuff that makes my blog. :3

Guild gets trolled. :P

D1D was talking about how he trolls music videos on youtube to get a huge discussion going, leading to not only taking two sides, but more to get triangles and octagons!

I ended my productive day by doing a star with Cahmstr. There were tons of people there, mostly representing two big clans that hang out on world 42. Once the star was over a bunch of people sat down so I joined them:

Most if not all of these people belong to the clan represented by the vex on the left, run by ALovelyGumby. They're very nice and I run into them at stars all the time. :-)

Well good night all! School tomorrow and I'm sick with a sore throat.

Until next time...

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