Sunday, September 4, 2011

High Notes

Yesterday I had a nice action-filled day of RS involving farming, starchasing, and random other things. I tagged and mined 2 stars down to their core. The first was a size 3 at vulture mine and I got Arcty and later Tanya to help me out and we had lots of fun together.

Me and Arcty before Yana logged in and came along

I later completely soloed a Crandor size 1 and while I was there this amusing conversation happened:

As promised here is the LINK to that video! :D

I end with a picture of a guy who caught my eye, mainly because the choice of dress he had on reminded me of Tanya. :D Also, flippers FTW!

His name was brb in2years and he was looking might suave. :P

I also met D1D in person today briefly which was fun! He's a really cool guy!

See ya later!

Until next time...

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