Sunday, October 23, 2011

Call me Molly Lochgren!

Today I got on to kill some random time that I had and caught this funny about PJing rusher cats:

The first frame was funny enough but then it just kept going! XD

My dad was nerd enough to actually go to Gamestop and get two membership cards so that we could get green skin. I laughed then entered the code. I now have the permanent ability to have green skin. It looks awesome!! This did not disappoint and it looks great with my current choice of attire!

Me showing off to Daantje who got 88 Herblore shortly after (gratz!!)

Playing my oboe (snake charmer) for him and whoever else would listen... :P

Then I was off to show my dad my green skin. I didn't know he got one for himself too! XD

Hawt ginger greenies we be!

Adorable top hat!

So yeah, now you can call me Molly Lochgren (greenheart)! Good night peeps!

Until next time...

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