Monday, October 17, 2011

Mollyween 2011!

Today brought with it the Halloween event! Even though I was sure it would be swamped, crowded, and laggy, it wasn't! There were no noobs standing around whining and everything was for the most part actually easy to find for once. I LOVED this year's event! It's definitely right up there with last year's. It was fairly simple and the puzzles were just enough of a challenge to be fun but not a chore. I do miss the werewolves though :P They were so cool! And one's name was Moira! The rewards were really awesome as well and I made an outfit around the T-shirt.

Here's a collection of pics I took from the event:

Can someone say siggy? Perfect phrase!

Cool logo for DeathConII!

I was highly amused by the addition of Cosplayers XD

Me after I finished the dance floor, busting a sweet move :D

I took Eek upon suggestion from the official news and she didn't disappoint!

I got me a super sexy Tshirt, a new shield item to play with, and a SWEET emote!

I looked in my bank and managed to put together a good outfit centered around the DCII shirt that didn't involve me buying anything! Also, the backpack is a reference to Molly Riedlore, who my name is based off of, as she is known for having a "survival kit" with literally everything anyone could possibly ever need and want. The full outfit list is sunglasses (double eyepatch), DCII shirt, Armadyl Pendant (soo hard to find a necklace that didn't cover the logo!), agile legs, flippers, clapclaps (K3gloves), rambler bakpak, broom, and tome of frost.

I leave you with a funny from the other day. Wolf Searune has changed his name to Origin Wind and was talking to There, leading to this:

I distract everyone with bacon! Mmmmm! Also, I'm at dark beasts in this pic for the first time hehe! First and last drop was a RFH. :-)

Good night all!

Until next time...

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