Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Quest and an Orange Outfit

I haven't played much the past week. These summer classes are kicking my butt! I feel like I've said that already but I'm saying it again.

I forgot when but I did King of the Dwarves. It took some time but it was fun and I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the rewards! :D

I've been spending my time in that lava flow mine thing but it's pretty boring. It's like LRC except you get nothing to fill up your inventory. I decided I wanted an orange outfit to really accentuate my ginger hair but the game doesn't have much to offer that's orange that I liked. This golden mining suit is orange-ish so I wanted to try for it. I got boots within 10 minutes. Woot!

Then today the loyalty stuff came out. It looks pretty good and I'm excited about those auras! I just wish it didn't start now and counted backwards so that I could unlock like everything. Oh well. As I was looking up the rewards earlier I noticed that there's some orange robes!!! Woohoo!!! So of course I've been excited trying to get them and I got them right away today. :D:D:D With the 100 points left over I got catfight. I think I'll save up for some emotes or auras or both next.

Just call me Gingera Tonks for reals now!! :D

I have no idea when I'll play again but I do have a goal of 40 SW zeal so I can finally get my basilisk pet I've had in the bank for years. Who gets 3 basilisk head drops?? Me. I'm about halfway there and plan to barrage the pants off cute little noobs, enjoying the sound effects and getting magic xp + zeal. Happy maging!

Until next time...

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