Sunday, June 19, 2011

Randomness this June Day

Lots of random playing and things this week...

A funny pker name... Zerking Off...

Someone politely asking for water r00ns in Varrock West...

I visited Kethsi and wandered around like a noob trying to access the agility course. A cat masked agile brother named ChanseyYoshi was taking pictures with his Orb of Oculus and later I invited Bridled Ruin to join me before we decided to explore the other hidden realms like Enchanted Valley and Fisher King before turning up in the Cosmic Entity Plane. Great fun!

I did more work on Pauline Polaris' livid farm and got 91 Magic! I celebrated by buying 1k casts of barrage, getting some mage pots, and freezing the pants off cute little noobs in Soul Wars. Oh it was great fun and I feel amazingly powerful! In a few short levels I'll be able to do the spell with no help at all!

A new Ravenclaw outfit that is more bronze than yellow. I even have a long coat! FTW! Oh, and I'm a ginger now, because I love gingers! Look out Sagittarius! I have since charmed my boots to be a darker blue. :P

Yesterday I splurged and got some Infiniti robes and colored them earthen! Flippers match!

Finally today Yana got 95 prayer and I went to her house to celebrate! I had just made 10 trices with 9 (plus a penguin) eggs I found in my bank and decided to cheerfully hand them out. Everyone got a different one! It was a party! Present were Steven, Zakki, and a friend of Yana's that I don't know. Time for the buzzy prayer! Gratzy Yanakins!!!

I got no sleep last night because I had a high quality conversation with Nez at midnight, after chasing a size 7 star that I really had no intention of doing myself. I invited Jax to aid me and thankfully she agreed and a few more people showed up so it only took an hour instead of impossible. Right as I was logging out after that Nez showed up and we had a nice chat. :3

Good night to all! More school awaits me in the morning.

Until next time...

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