Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mahogany Madness

Today (and a little of yesterday) was the first time I really had the chance to play in a long time! After a super busy week at school with such glorious things as night rehearsals (I was at school for 17 hours on Thursday) and homework I was finally able to get on for a bit and unwind while talking to some friends. I won't be on for the next like 4 weeks because of various awesome things happening so I'll play when I feel like it, if I feel like it...

But anywayyyyyyyy I'm getting ahead of myself. Last night or whenever it was I looked at the rather large pile of brews that I made for dxpw and decanted them. I then looked at the stockpile of well over 250 brews and 150 super restores that I had been saving for beating nomad and basically said "screw it" and sold most of them for around 4m. I then sold 40 glories, as I won't be using the abyss anytime soon, for another almost 2m. Woohoo!! I have money! I used a bunch of it to buy over 1k mahogany planks and finally ended up with 39k till 91 Construction with my last hammer gone. This morning after swapping items with my dad (free trade really is nice!) I played a round of SC, getting that last priceless hammer that would open up a whole new world:

Yayay!! 91 Construction!! Know what this means?? It means I can assist lvl 91 effigies without having to lure strangers to my house so I can sip tea! Oh happy happy day!! 99 has never looked so close!

I just looked and... eeeeee!! At 92 I can add another room and finish my house!!! Less than 12 hammers until that's a reality! I just might have to go play a bunch of SC...

After that I went to help my dad with a 95 con effigy. Now that I only needed to boost 4 I got some orange spice from my bank and some stews and after a couple attempts I got high enough to do it. He then had 97 craft so I assisted him, but apparently the stew damaged my craft a lot because he couldn't do it. XD Thank goodness for a super restore... lol!!

I doodled around for a bit after that, killing the skelehorror and trice-egg-bombing the GE among other things. Haha, that was fun. People running around picking them up like Easter eggs. :P

I leave with you this picture of me and Peeky discussing the word "mess" which always reminds me of him. :3

Now I'm off to go try out this ring of wealth at Dagannoth. Bye all!

Until next time...

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