Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day of Play

I couldn't resist. I just had to play after my last post. :P I planned on staying as long as it took to get my str level but of course one thing led to another so a bunch of good things happened... :D

I did a bunch more camping at various monsters including abby demons and then to the lesser demons inside the volcano. I forgot about the hidden resource dunjun so I went in there. So nice in there! Plus, no random fire rune spawns to throw me off. :P With like 4k to spare I had to leave because I was out of food and yip and went back to abby demons where I got 2 toof halves within at the most 4 kills and on that 2nd toof drop I got my level!

Yeahhh baby 89 Str!! Usin up the Hati Paws finally!

My Hati paws STILL have charge on them! It's like they never die. That's 2 str levels and a hp level and then some! They only have 4% charge now but hey I'm glad I'm actually gonna use them up before time runs out! One of the first drops I got at lesser demons was a court summons... go figure lol... this time it was Ernest vs Oddenstein so I did it after I leveled and had some fun.

My new Dark Oboe outfit, featuring a dark bow, h4 skirt, sunglasses, and red stripy shirt! Flippers of course! :P My name change did not remove my favorite item from my feet.

Finally it was all done and I got moar ajjat expeez woooo!

With that done I did the clue scroll that abby demons were so kind to drop for me in the last like 5 kills until I left. I got a decent reward with some misc scrolls, 2 rune xbows, and a rune pick. My friend Lord Doom was also on a clue so we bet on what the reward would be. He got an equally annoying reward. :P

(a random pic of me with my new favorite dark bow ^.^)

I finally got the chance to do something I've been dying to do for weeks and just go socialize with people. I had a great time in Varrock bank and it kept me on RS way too long but hey I had fun!

Me, remmahognid (in the d legs), and s o m e o ne (in hunter cape) dancin' it up in V west!

I ended with a kingdom sweep and a farm run. It's way late now and I got a busy day tomorry! I leave with you two funnies from the text today. Hhahahahaa!

First my friend apparently has no idea what an oboe is... the following happened... XD

He thought it was a star wars guy. Oh the humanity! lololoOLLOL

I of course took this laugh to Peeky and got this little bit:

"You just blow on the hole and it plays music."

All right, there's your woodwind lesson for the day. Sometimes I'm glad I play a brass instrument. :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Try the new quest, you can get bright yellow boots. And funky gloves in blue, purple, orange, yellow and...brown.

    ~Helm Lardar