Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Taste of Fan Art

I was scanning hundreds of my little drawings today when I came across a couple Runescape Fan Art pics. I have tons more like this and once I get around to locating and scanning them I'll post a few more but for now, here are 3 for you to enjoy!

Here's some concept art for my eventual craft cape. The only things that are in the official one I chose are the flippers and the cape! XD

Here's some concept art for my eventual construction cape. I love that top hat!

I got bored in class one day so I drew a historically accurate picture of someone getting something awesome from a clue scroll. Can you tell what it might be? :D

Z0mg! 3a Mage Top, r00n kite, r00n dagger, and some lawz!!

I leave with you this drawing I totally forgot about that captures my essence of randomness. It makes me smile. :-)

Later peeps!

Until next time...

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