Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today is my birthday!! Woohoo! I played a little RS today, getting some lovely presents from Peekyface. :3 I got a "birthday manicure" (d claw loan lol) and 1m g33p33z, plus the fun of spamming the faint emote with him, now that he FINALLY has it! Yay!!

I bought a coal bag and did some smiffin of the ores I've collected and gotten from my dad which was fun, and I did some farming too, and some herblore. Oh, and I downed the Skelehorror again. No elite clue... :-(

Meh, I've been super busy with real life and have had no time to play really. I'll be able to play a little since it's spring break and it will give me something to do as I recover from my surgery coming up around the corner. I'm just counting the days until my boyfriend comes home. Don't look now, but it's less than 5 weeks to go! I'm back from my band trip which was fantastic and so much fun! Ah goodtimes! I have lots of stuff coming up in the next month. Bring it!

Tomorrow is Tanya's birthday so I'll prolly try and get on so we can party it up a little! We'll see how that goes but for now, I'm off to play some more. :P

Until next time...

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