Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Quest and From the Text

I started off by fishing some monks to use up my urns and to get the fishing rocks for the week when I noticed someone with what looked like a sleeping bag under their left arm. I quickly realized that this was the new(ish) wieldable net and I suddenly wanted one! I learned through Armyyy what quest I needed to do to get one so I went off and did Deadliest Catch.

It was loads of fun and very easy, though it took a freaking long time tracking that thing the second time... Kept messing up and starting over. Got some great snaps though! :D

Say what?? A smith like me making a harpoon for a witch like you??

Om nom nom nom!! Also in PM, "Torrell is the monk that watches the berry patch! I wondered where I got that name from..."

Woohoo boatloads of fishing experience for not doing any fishing! Also, sleeping bags!!

Yes, show me that sexy sleeping bag! It even matches my clothes!

So anyways, TONS of funnies from the text today!

First, me lamenting about the whole 99 for rune pl8 but 92 for dragon pl8 smiffin plot hole thing which inevitably leads to lamenting about all skills at 120 which led to a bunch of questions beginning with "Why is X (not) Y?"

Also I become typo queen throughout...

Later I talk about my annual play-the-horn-after-not-touching-it-for-3-months. All band conversations immediately point to dirty euphemisms and this is no exception. :P

"What suggestive stuff can you get from 'chipping every note?' "

This is from a few days ago but it's still funny and cute. :3

Someone with Peeek in their RSN caught my eye. My name may be different but Peek is still my favorite word!

Also, click here for a bonus mega "from the text" moment today!

It's 4am. Whoops...

Until next time...

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