Monday, August 1, 2011

So Much St00fs!

Wow, I'm so behind on blogging! I keep meaning to post but then it's like 1am and I'm falling asleep. Let's see if I can remember everything...

-Um... so 5 days ago I had Desert Strykes and got an elite clue!

Decent reward but I was hoping for millz! :P

-I sold my AGS for way under price (he spent all his money he had on it) to Armyyyy because I wasn't satisfied with it. He's a happy purple-haired man! I now have a BGS. For less than my SOL or my SS. Ugh. Prices.

-I did a large floor from 12am-2am with Lillantra and Ultralisk. Me and Lill totally out-oranged Ultra with our matching ginger fashion that I forgot to get a picture of. It was my first ever Occult floor and it looked like a cool club! It was loads of fun and we opened every room with our combined skillz. We had skeletal trio and I died because I had no idea what was going on. Kinda wish I hadn't because it was a really easy boss. Oh well, I still got enough xp to level! I'm more than halfway to a tome of frost now! Woohoo!

72 Dunj!!

-I visited the Canting Citadel. It's pretty sweet although chopping logs got boring in a hurry. At least you don't need to bring your own axe...

-I've been doing lots and lots of Dunj floors with various people (usually Armyy and some friends). I also got to do f18 with Orix which was super fun. We walked in on Stomp. My BOB was full of food that we actually took the time to fish and cook. We pwnt him easy and it took us another hour to open up the rest of the med floor. I had 6 keys and none of them opened any doors. Took a while to find the missing key, but we did and all ended well. :P

-I reconnected with Chocobo! :D He gave me 2 torstol and 3 magic seeds as a present. I squeeee'd with delight. Other bankers noticed. :P

-I found Ronald McDonald! (his RSN was DanielClough)

-I changed my outfit yet again, trying to make it as randomly colored as possible. Due to a glitch the beginner wand actually trims to your boot color and I spent forever at the boot lady with Elias trying out different colors to go with my wand before deciding that Lesko Diamond Green looks the best. I may change it sometime but at the mo I like it!

-I went to cave horrors for fun. Forgot a light source. Twice. They still hit hard and I ran out of food pretty fast. No mask drop.

-I started farm runs again! So much herb!

-I'm still fletching a lot but not so much for 99 now, just for profit and getting levels for Dunj.

-I bought Breathe Fire, Levitate, and Strong Man with my loyalty points. Levitate is easily my favorite. I also enjoy lifting my Big Rock from KOTD Quest and then doing Strong Man right after. Peeps enjoyed sitting in front of me so that I dropped the rock on them.

-I spent like an hour smiffin up steel bars, making clockworks, and making dolls at my house. It's not automated so lots of tedious clicking was involved. After 58 I was done and dollbombed the GE, V West, and then Edgeville on another world with Armyyyyy. It was dolltastic. :P Yes it was indeed inspired by Merchy's dollbomb of earlier in the day. XD

-It's August now and I have my hiscores here:

I leveled lots of stuff this month and am pleased. :D

I think we're caught up now! Until next time...


  1. Daniel Clough being the head of Runescape at Jagex. Or the vice-head.

    ~The Saxon Claxon, aka Helm

  2. RavenDarkeye19 August, 2011

    lucky armyyyy. i just wish someone would do that for me and this dragon chainbody.