Sunday, August 7, 2011

500th Post!!

Wowie it's my 500th post!!! Let's just say I did a ton of Dunjuneering today and got loads of funnies in CC. In other news, I finally completed another statue after months and immediately set off for the Agility rocks which I got after some quality time and Gnome and Barb. Oh I still love running all this time later! Without further ado:

I FINALLY got that night gazer for the first time! He can appear after level 59. I got him the first time at lvl 73. Then the next floor I got him again. lolol! I like that he's easy. I'm saying ":o" in the pic but it's obscured by the hitsplat. lol

I got a full prestige done so I reset and did a medium dunj with my daddy. We got unholy cursebearer and had two worldbearers pwning that nub right up!

After that floor I was left with 888 xp until 74 so I went to Tears of Guthix and added 8k xp to my Dunj level. 74 Dunj time already! Woot! After that I was a little more than 1k tokens from Tome of Frost but after getting a 4 death floor and a crappy set of rooms on the next one that I didn't feel like doing (lvl 111 shades, potted door right off room, no farm patches yet, skippy rooms, that awful maze room that always poisons everyone, etc) that'll have to wait for another time. Lots done though! Man night gazer is really hard to solo. That's why I died 3/4 times. The first time was because I was out of food from a 111 shade and so I got pwnt by a lvl 64 warrior. -.-

I snapped this pic a half a second before this guy logged, but I really liked the green colors of his cape! Very Ranarr-ish :P

Cute face :3 Also, lol @ berblore!

Mod through [guild's] off filter: "I don't think AIDS is relevant to the game." Also, I lost the game.

A series of fishing accidents, Zachy reminding me of the grandchildren, and me being a loving grandchild. Hohoho ex dee! Not shown but alluded to in the last line, Zachy had the amazing genius idea to put the ggs next to the fire because I complained that the fire and fish spot were on opposite sides and therefore much running. Heh...

Tomwa sheds a different light on the Monkey Madness talisman part of the quest. :P

"Are you blowing me right now??" "I'll be honest. I was blowing you." XD

Tome of frost tomorrow or soon after! Woop woop!

Until next time...

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