Thursday, August 18, 2011

Temple Trekking!!!!!

Whoa! Lots of epicness today!!! First off, awesome updates on one of my favorite minigames?? Woot woot woot!!! I'm gonna miss those glitchy planking snakes and the Woman-at-Arms and a few other things... Also, Smiddi grew up! Here's some pics of the various discoveries I made as I began leveling up my peeps for that awesome Con outfit and other st00fs:

Ghasts look AMAZING!!! So do red snelms!

A new event lets me turn completely blue! I love it! Blue flippers!

Putter-Outer in action!

Later, my boyfriend (yes, Lack Of Pie!) logged in on a new free account he has now so I got onto Faerie Tana and taught him how to dunj! We got up to f6 c6 before he went to bed but I think he enjoyed it!

Posing in front of a... carcass... yummy...

Pwning Icy Bones in action!

Later I burned all the shades and vyres I got to keep my bank space low (or high?) and because of all that burnin' of sparkly magic logs and a couple fm tomes I got 88 firemaking!

Only 4 levels to go for dat adze! :P

And, for your enjoyment, some funnies from today and yesterday:

Poor D1D, with a name nobody likes to type... :P After Orix calls him like 20 names in 15 seconds, D1D decides to go by Orix. I lol'd. Also, D1D has a blog. Turns out he's mighty pro! Read!

The following are two Tanya funnies I got while in the lobby yesterday talking about my previous post. She's playing Livid Farm and irritated with Pauline. This leads to me laughing irl and hopefully you too.

"Get told Pauline!" lolool

"This one time at band camp..." "This one time Lokar won't appreciate this."

Good night all! Hopefully I won't sleep until 2pm like I did today but as it's 4am right now that's not looking promising. Ugh...

Until next time...

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