Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cool Outfits of World 42

I've been parked in Varrock West for days now fletching up a storm! Turns out every other player in Runescape is also fletching. My new favorite thing to do is hop worlds until I find a good conversation to either listen to or join in on. World 42, the roleplay world, has held the most fun conversations but as it turns out it also holds the best outfits!

(a line of capes that trim red!)

After taking pics of person after person I decided to present a little fashion show called World 42 Blue Carpet:

This awesome dark/pink ensemble brought to you by a firemaking Club Media! Simplicity at its finest with beautiful results.

Another lovely purple default ensemble brought to you by Bloodyskull3!

My personal favorite, Asbee Dragon has very good taste when selecting the colors of her Max Cape. I never knew that lime and crimson (or possibly a dark purple) looked so good together! I think it looks amazing!

I didn't catch this person's name but that Saradomin Bow looks really cool, plus I'm totally loving the all-blue outfit!

Aaaaaand I finished the night off with 88 Fletching. Entgallow staves and gorg arrows are now mine!!!! Woot!

Until next time...

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