Saturday, July 23, 2011

Productive July Day

Today I didn't get on RS until later and finished up my LRC task. I got an effigy and got it all done today! 91 Herb that my dad did for me, 93 Fletch (tried to buy mature axman folly to no avail so I had Vandy assist me), 95 cook, and 97 mining. The spice you need is the spice you'll never get so I spent a good long time in the basement with Ernst getting brown spice. I got like 8 shakers full of orange spice though! Took one bite of brown spice stew and got 98/93 mining! Booyah! Another 20k+ chunk of R00nkreftin xp for me!

Speaking of mining, I was 6k to my next level so I did a Rimmington star with Armyyyy and one of his friends and boom boom boom:

Woot! 93 mining! I can do all effigies with an easy +4 boost from stew :D

There was a bot there of course so we took all his iron. We broke the bot and he logged, but then he came back. It was fun though. :P

While in the bank I saw a curious pair of twins named 1477toMoore and 1477toNovia:

Haha speaking of their skirts and boots... I changed my outfit again today and got almost that same setup!

I'm all orange now, with surprise green boots. I ended up making an amazing outfit with it too! All because of those stupid sleeves that show through when I wear a sleeveless shirt like stripey pirate or a d leather body. Curses...

I finished off the night doing some dungeons with Armyyyy and 2 of his friends. We did three 4:4 smalls which took no time at all and we had loads of fun! We all died a lot, pwnt a lot, and had a great time.

Here we are hanging out after our last floor. I have on my hot clothing + Guthix book, wand, witchwood icon, and orange cape. It looks hot! Behind me are the people I dunj's with. l-r, LewisLovsMen, ninja-kiitty, and Armydude07 (known to me as Armyyyy). I can't wait to do floors with them again!

I leave you with a funny joke from Canting:

Scammers are becoming more obvious ;)

Good night all! Soon I hope to have enough tokenz for the tome of frost!

Until next time...

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