Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Name Change and Two Levels

First off, I changed my name again today. Instead of Natura Tonk I am now Natura Molly, which is the first half of my name and isn't a huge change. I think Molly Natura flows better but I wanted to maintain the integrity of my name so there we go. Blame Jagex for censoring Tonks. >(

Anyway, I spent a majority of the day fletching. It's so fast! I've been doing maples before and it was sooo slow. Now I feel like I just got a bullet Bill on MarioKart. Hahaha!

While at the bank I saw someone named Spookie Meow with an awesome outfit so I took a picture:

After lots and lots of fletching and an evil yew + 22 minutes of lep magic at mage trees Armyy reminded me to contact Chuck and use my penguins on runecrafting. I thought I probably had like 5, since I don't do the w60 thing anymore and just spy as I see them in passing. Well, turns out I had 21 penguin points! With around 30k to go for 81 Runecrafting I cashed those in for over 40k xp and got that level!!

I then took a break to see the new Harry Potter movie and man oh man was it awesome!!!! My kind of movie! Some of the things there totally remind me of Terabi Tana. I'll go to bed now staging the epic battle between demons and Terabikai. :D

Upon returning I fletched some more and with a few loads of whittling to go I got 87 Fletching!

Woop woop! Now I can fletch that new thing that was teasing me before!

Good night all! I'm off of school until Tuesday and have a paper to write about Sagittarius sometime before then. Good times. :D

Until next time...

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