Monday, July 18, 2011

All Through the Night

A famous Welsh hymn came into my mind recently so I looked it up on Youtube and the first post was a men's choir singing it in Welsh. LOVE!!! Oh my word, Wales looks like Ardin!

My new goal in life is to learn all the words in Welsh. Ar Hyd Y Nos. :)

The other day I decided to start fletching and not stop until 99 or I get really sick of it, whichever comes first. It gave me a perfect opportunity to grow Rupert. :3 I also remembered being fairly close to a woodcutting level so I hit up the ivy after tagging all 5 of my magic trees and my 6 papayaya trees (woot for kingdom!!) and got that lovely level 91 woodcutting:

Woot! I can begin legitimately unwrapping any chopchops I find!

Speaking of effigies, I got one on my abby demon task. For the record, it was 91 con, 93 herb (daddy), 95 cook, and 97 fletch. I was so sad I couldn't use my new woodcutting level to use so I had my best buddy Bridled Ruin do the fletching one for me. I want that cape!!! Also, when I was slaying there a guy I'd been casually chatting with asked me my craft level. Woo, 99 gets put to good use! I was like "get over here lol" or something like that. I love assisting people. :D

Today I did lots of fletching and a couple more things. I met up with my friend Armyyyy who was alching in Yanille and this guy named Carl A10 who was chatting with us. Rupert came of age...

My what a big bird you are! I now have like 10 birds hehehe :P

...and I got 85 Fletching!

Magic longgggbow time! I'll keep that in mind when I get more mage trees to replace my old ones. :D

I also checked out the Jadinko Lair and it's pretty cool. Lots of drama getting juju teles... lol... they're expensive! I got that shortcut all cut in and therefore a quick bank box. Of course I need 87 fletching to make that weapon thing. Crycry... I'll be 87 soon...

I leave you with this funny from my friend Daantje. He was really happy to get 87 Herblore because it meant he could stew up and make that extreme ranging potion for Seers 4. Nothing says cute like W0000000o00o0oo00o0o000o00000T! lol

I'm that task away from Seers 4 too! I have 86 Herby (just got) so one more level and I'll have it too! Good night all! As I'm busy writing my first KeĆ²en dictionary I'll say good night in a few more languages, so Beni Notte/Nos Wha/Good Night/Nos Da/Buenos Noches/O Yasumi Nasai!

Until next time...

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