Saturday, April 16, 2011

Potions Class With Professor Loch (A Narrative)

(I had some fun in the car narrating Isli Loch teaching Potions class in a Runescape style, so enjoy this narrative!)

Good morning class; once again welcome to Potions. Today brings us a new tier of potions to make so let us get started.

Super Strength
All right, everyone should have received a Kwuarm leaf from the tray when they entered the room. Line up and collect a vial and fill it three quarters with water and then have a seat.

Get out your pestle and mortar and tear up your Kwuarm leaf, adding a small amount of water from your vial, just like usual. Remember to never pound but gently grind the leaf until it is completely dissolved in the water.

Is everybody ready? Next, add the ground up leaf to the vial. Kwuarm leaf has a slightly sour taste but is pleasingly savory. I love the smell of Kwuarm! Okay, now break off a piece of root from the Limpwurt plant, about the length of your hand. Take out your knife and run the blade along the root, getting small pieces in your pestle and mortar. Once the whole root is in small pieces grind it up further until it is runny. No water is needed because the roots store lots of water on their own.

Okay now we're ready to combine the two. Gently take your knife and gather up the limpwurt root paste, putting it into your vial of dissolved Kwuarm. This reaction will give off heat so be cautious when gently shaking your vial, but it shouldn't be enough to unfasten the cork. It should fairly quickly turn white in color, if all goes well.

For a double Herblore master like myself this whole process should take about five minutes but as this is your first time it will take about a half an hour so you may begin and practice with some extra supplies if you wish.

This potion is used most oft in battle as it aids in strength. It has a flavor like that of Auren Kobhe (Cloaked Fruit [Banana]) with undertones of Nialli spice.

Saradomin Brew
Welcome, class. Today we will be making a very powerful potion dedicated and aligned to the Runescape god Saradomin. I trust that everyone has obtained and provided a nest, yes? It must be a mature nest that has been vacant for a long time; we don't want to intrude on active birds' nests. You can tell it's a mature nest if it contains a seed, egg, or ring inside. Remove this and feel free to keep, sell, or trade whatever it is it contains.

Good, now everyone take your Toadflax leaf that has been provided and once again using your pestle and mortar dissolve it in the water. Toadflax is a lovely dark green herb, almost black, and when properly dissolved in water it should turn gray.

Now that we have the Toadflax in the vial of water it is time to prepare the nest. It is not made so much out of twigs and will dissolve in water but we first must crush the fibres of it so that it will fit inside the small opening of the vial, so using your pestle and mortar crush your nest into something of a coarse to fine powder.

Now we're ready to add this to the gray mixture. The reaction will be cold and it should shortly turn a surprising shade of bright yellow. Be not alarmed, I do not know why it is such, but that's the way it's supposed to be. Give it some time to sit until the ice crystals inside melt and the potion will be completed.

This potion is extremely powerful. It raises your health in a way that will help withstand normally crushing and fatal blows and will also dramatically raise your defence. However, it will also cloud your perception and therefore make it much harder to attack with the sword as well as the bow or staff, and it will drastically lower your strength. For this reason, this potion is oft used in tandem with the Super Restore Potion which we learned to make last section.

Everyone get started on your practice and don't forget to read ahead in your books about the properties of Birds' Nest and get started on the next chapter about Weapon Poison.

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