Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Changes

This will take some getting used to:

But I totally love it!

Thus begins a new chapter of my RS life, one I thought for sure would never come but hoped it would. You may or may not know this, but I made a New Year's resolution to become unaddicted to RS. You see, even though it's not as bad a a drug addiction or something similar it's still not very healthy. I mean, I was forgetting to eat and stuff like that. It was the perfect tool to pass the time when I was depressed and had literally nothing else to do because I was so apathetic. However, thankfully, I have moved on past that and have hit a point in my life where I am happy and ready to do other things besides veg out on Runescape all day.

Am I quitting? No. Will I quit? I don't know. Lately, and especially after the return of the wild, I just don't have the fun I used to. I have played RS for the past few years almost purely for the social aspect, but as of recent a lot of my friends play with all chats off or have quit or left until holidays. Thus, I don't have many to chat with and therefore I am less interested in playing. For the first time, I've gone days without playing. That used to be a completely unfathomable thing but finally that time is here that I can leave and not feel like playing and take a break from it all. I am filling the time with other constructive things like finally having my creativity sparked again and therefore writing a TON on my other blog, which is where I have spent most of my time lately.

Which brings me to my name change. I probably swore I would never change it but I don't think I ever officially swore on it, because I knew that down the road something could very well change and I would want to start over. As this is a new adventure into playing less and doing other things I decided to change my name from Full Of Pie, which was the name I decided on to go along with my boyfriend's RSN, Lack Of Pie. It wasn't totally original to me and although I love it, I was always slightly bugged that it wasn't the real me. I decided finally that it has been long enough and the time has come to change my name. It was all very sudden. I got on one day and began talking to Peeky when I suddenly decided that now was the time to do it. I have been completely immersed and in love with the aura and storyline of Dr. Sorela and thought about changing it to S R Sorela but I really wanted to have a name that would completely symbolize him but be understood by the whole RS community and still be commented on as a cool original name. I mean, only a handful of my RS friends know who Dr. Sorela truly is.

I was very surprised that the name I chose instead wasn't taken. I mean, it's not like it's a very obscure thing. I went to the name change zone and typed it in, not expecting it to be available but it was and so I took it, thus taking Dr. Sorela's name upon myself but with a description that everyone could relate with. So, the name which I shall now be known on the realm of Runescape for probably longer than not, is Dark Oboe. :D

So far, the flippers and green hair are here to stay and I haven't changed my look at all. I am still going for 99 con although right now things are pretty much at a halt, although I did get a ton of xp out of the way with sc hammers. Once I get 91 things will be much easier because I can go assist effigies for lots of xp but at the mo I am all out of planks and it will be hard to buy some right now because I just found out today that there's a double xp weekend coming up! That's what I get for not reading below the big news! :P I've been farming a bunch and will just save all my herbs instead of making potions and see what kind of levels I get. I'm 30k away from 84 though so I may go get that so I can make super antifires with regular greenman ale and not have to drink my own mature stuff, which is one of my primary ways of making munni. :P

So anyway there you go. Less playing also means less bloggyposts so for those who look forward to my daily posts they're not gonna be daily anymore. Haha, watch as I play every day from here on out and post every day anyway! XD If anyone misses me that badly feel free to message me here on bloggyspot or something. I haven't gone away completely!

Good night all!
Until next time...

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