Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today I went on a slaying binge! After a few weeks of putting off slayer simply because I didn't feel like doing spirimages I sucked it up and went down there- Hati paws and all. I hate the task because it's too segmented and doesn't flow but I finally got it all done and had quite a bit of xp to take with me. I was really hoping for fire giants or hellhounds for my next task but was expecting the worst. I got Hellhounds. Wooooot!! I got geared up and went to get a huge amount of xp with my paws. While there, another level 130 named Jakwra that I've seen a few times appeared and we began chatting. He then tells me that he's like 2k from 99 HP. Oo that's exciting! Finally time time came and...

He got it! Gratz to him!! He also got 131 CB off it! :D

Soon my task was done, tanked just like the spirimages, and I set off in search of a new one. I got dust devils. Kuradal loves me. :3 Since I can't use the chaos tunnels anymore I went down to the smoky dungeon where I once again ran into Jakwra who also had gotten dusties! XD Anthough now he was in his lovely Terabi/Sorela cape instead of his RC cape. :P

My Hati paws got me some pretty rye-donk-u-lous strength xp and I went from 150k till to...

Wooot 88 Strength!!!!!

Haha I was mid sentence pming Peeky when fireworks went off. Yayay!!! I'm getting very close to 90 Slayer as well. I should have that in a couple tasks... 1 if I get LRC! :D

Oh and if anyone was wondering where I went, I'm taking a little break from Canting. I'll be back next weekend!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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