Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Spirit Tree Breathes New Life

Yay!!! After forever of waiting I am now the proud owner of two spirit trees! With a 20k tag, life was breathed into an adorable moustached little tree in Etceteria. :3

I've already used it several times to pick berries and just because I can. :P

I went shopping today and finally scored a new concert dress. Woot! This one will replace the old one I've had for years that is ripped down the seam and looks like a mummy dress because of it. Good thing I sit in the back and can get away with it... :P I can finally say goodbye to it. I'll miss it though, as it was quite warm.

I did a bunch of stuff today like farm runs, evil trees, and finally finishing off the swamp lizards I bought the other day by making them into pouches. I ran out of shards like 4 times but the pouches sell in the GE and I can use that money for more shards so it's not too bad. I didn't have enough to warrant using a Kyatt so I used the desert obelisk and the crack in the wall to bank in Sophanem, which goes pretty fast once the routine gets established. Of course I had to dress up the tiara:

Pro! Haha...

Speaking of that dark bow... I was trading my dad my weekly herbs that I don't use and he decided to be funny and give me some summoning stuff and a dark bow. I only use about half the herbs from my kingdom and instead of selling the rest I give them to my dad so he can further his herblore. He has 95 and will have 99 in no time! :P He had an elite clue in Ardy also, so I followed him around killing everything with my bow that is slower than Facebook. Lol he got a bat staff from his eventual reward! I got one from Kitty a long time ago because she had gotten 2 from elites so now we can be twinners again. Ehehe. :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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