Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music To My Ears

Ehehehe Runescape has an oboe! And it has an animation!!! I am tickled pink and about to get into character even more and play concerts in Edgeville! Or, perhaps I should clone myself and have one of me on the organ and one of me on Omeiro. :P

For some reason I hear this when I see this picture. XD

Today I played briefly to chat with some friends and to do some random things I've been putting off. First, I went to get my snake charmer back because, hey, it has a playing animation and looks like an oboe! Wooooot! I did some farming and stuff and then got some milk and made some cheese to add to all of my unfinished pizza. 250 or so raw pizzas later and I sold them on the GE for 1k each! I made a quick 200k! I also gathered up my Greenman Ale and was pleased that both vats matured so I am set with kegs until I level to 84 and can sip regular ale to make super antifires. I have plenty of feathers now, thanks to many absent-minded trips the other day to the fiery bird himself. I'm still 30k away from 84 but I'm stockpiling all of my usual irit and toadflax for DXPW so I am going to have to either give in and make all my pots or try to kill stuff that drops lantadyme seeds. Once I level, all my kegs of mature ale are going to the highest bidder and hopefully will give me some cash to get my construction up with! :D

RS is being uber laggy for me again which is not helping my cause of playing... XD It's impossible to go anywhere without it totally breaking down so I said screw it and wrote 2 new posts on the other blog. Hehehe I looooove finally having inspiration to write again after like a year and a half of nothing. I am taking full advantage and plan to totally grind out this project I'm working on. Oh, and I have like 3 papers due in real life school so I have to get craking on those before mid-March because I'm gonna be gone on a trip. When did real life get busy??? :o

Goodnight all!

Until next time...

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