Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hidey Holes

Well I'm back from my big trip! That's one down, 2 to go! It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I am part of such an awesome section. I love these guys!

Anyway I got on for the first time in a few days with the intent of playing PP. Haha, of course that didn't happen! XD I logged in where I left off, at the beginning of a farm run, up in Trollheim. So, I did all that and noticed that it was time to collect from my kingdom so I did that and got 95 nests, which I took care of. Only 3 keepers out of all 39 of the seednests but I made back what I took out for the coffers which was good enough for me. I then did all my herbs and traded the ones I don't use to my dad for some irits and toadflax which I then spent making into pots. Once all that was done I decided now was the best time to construct all those new grapple hidey holes which will totally come in handy! I made all the crossbows and luckily had everything else except teak logs so I cut a teak tree until I had 2 stripey logs and made some planks for free.

I thought it was funny that Jagex called them Hidey Holes because back when my cat was still an outside cat we made her this box to keep her safe from rain and snow (she actually used it too!) and I called it her hidey hole. That happens a lot... I think I coin a term and then it turns up somewhere else! Of course I got some pics:

Ehehehe hidey hole!!! XD

I love the really funny stuff like "convenient rock." It made me chuckle too. :P

Well I'm off for the night because I want to keep writing. For like a year I didn't write a thing on my other blog because I had zero ideas but now that I am doing a series I have sooo much to write about and I love it! Good night all!

Until next time...

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